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60419 main webLV aluminium can capacitors for long life and low losses.
VarPlus Can are low voltage aluminium can capacitors specially designed to contribute to power quality and power factor mitigation and deliver a long working life in industrial networks, with low losses in standard, heavy-duty and severe operating conditions.
Technical data:

  • High life expectancy up to 160,000 hours;
  • Voltage up to 830 V;
  • Power ratings up to 50 kvar;
  • Operating temperature up to 70 °C;
  • Degree of protection IP20;
  • Compliant with standards IEC 60831-1 and -2.

VarPlus Can capacitors must be selected depending on the working conditions expected during their lifetime. Since harmonics are caused by non-linear loads, an indicator for the magnitude of harmonics is the ratio NLL of the total power of non-linear loads to the power supply transformer rating.


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